Black Rice Buy Online India Organic (Chak Hao) 300 gm Rice

Black Rice Buy Online India Organic (Chak Hao) 300 gm Rice

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Despite being less popular than brown rice or wild rice, black rice, known as forbidden rice, is an ancient grain that has even more impressive health benefits than most other closely related rice varieties.

Not only is it the type of rice that is richest in powerful disease-fighting antioxidants, but it also contains dietary fiber, anti-inflammatory properties, and has the ability to help stop the development of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and even weight gain.

Black rice has been eaten in regions of Asia for thousands of years; in fact for centuries it was reserved for only Chinese royalty. Today this type of rice is picking up in popularity and popping up in more health food stores across the US, Australia, and Europe, as people discover the numerous health benefits that whole grain black rice has to offer.

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Black Rice Buy Online: Forbidden Rice Nutrition One serving of black or forbidden rice contains only around 160 calories, but offers a very high amount of flavanoid phytonutrients, a good source of important fiber, substantial mineral content including iron and copper, and even a good source of plant based protein. Just the outside hull of the grain has one of the highest levels of anthocyanin antioxidants of any food!

A one-half cup serving of cooked black rice, or about ¼ cup uncooked, contains approximately (in daily recommended values):

• 160 calories

• 1.5 grams of fat

• 34 grams of carbohydrates

• 2 grams of fiber • 5 grams of protein

• 4% DV for iron Wondering how black rice compares to other rice varieties? Here’s how the different types of rice differ in terms of nutrient content when we compare an 100gm serving of each kind:

• Polished white rice – contains 6.8 protein, 1.2 iron, 0.6 fiber. • Brown rice: 7.9 protein, 2.2 iron, and 2.8 fiber. • Red rice: 7.0 protein, 5.5 iron, and 2.0 fiber.

• Black rice: 8.5 protein, 3.5 iron, 4.9 fiber, and the highest amount of antioxidants of any rice variety. You can see that black rice contains the highest amount of antioxidants, protein and dietary fiber of all rices varieties; plus black rice is also a good source of iron, which can be hard to get for plant based eaters who rely on grains and legumes for protein. And although scientists are finding that some rice contains the heavy metal arsenic, you can perform simple cooking tricks to avoid low-level arsenic poisoning from rice. Cooking rice more like pasta — in 6 to 10 parts water per one part rice — drastically reduces arsenic levels.

Black Rice Buy Online – 300 gm

UK researchers also found cooking rice in a coffee pot reduces arsenic by up to 85 percent. Health Benefits of Black Rice

1. Full of Antioxidants

2. Protects Heart Health

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