Bamboo Jewellery

Bamboo Jewellery : The traditional, exotic & unique Assamese jewellery is completely handmade. Gold plated on silver and only made by skilled hands. They are beautifully designed and very affordable. Gold jewelry has traditional designs, which are skillfully designed by jewellers of the state and are exclusive.

Bamboo Jewellery has a unique style statement.It is made by skillful jewelery makers from various parts of Assam.The design is very unique and carry a glamor of tradition & culture

•100 % genuine product
•Made by skilled artisans of Assam
•Traditional Style
•Assamese traditional jewelery

How to use Assamese Bamboo Jewellery (Safety Tips for Assamese Traditional Jewellery:

•Store in a dry container free from any chemical contact like,perfume,dendrite,nepthalene balls etc
•After wearing make sure that the sweat gets dried up before storing
•Wear the jewellery at the last moment after completing the make up and dress up.
•Avoid spraying perfume after wearing any Jewellery
•Never throw the Traditional Jewellery upon any hardtop surface and always handle delicately