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Beautiful handmade 100% dyed Eri Silk shawl in cream for simple yet classy look. … Eri Silk, MugaSilk and Pat Silk are three kinds of exquisite silk fabric from Northeast India. … Eri Silk has elevated the rank of Assam to top, in the sericulture map of the world

Eri Sil Shawl , Muga Silk and Pat Silk are three kinds of exquisite silk fabric from Northeast India. Among these three cultures of silk, production of Eri Silk is an exclusive forte of Assam and is considered of the highest value. It is indigenous to Assam and is found nowhere else in the world apart from Assam and in the foothills of Meghalaya.

Eri Silk Shawl has elevated the rank of Assam to top, in the sericulture map of the world. Among all the uniqueness of Eri Silk, the highlight is that Eri culture is the only culture that does not involve killing of silk moths in the yarn producing process.  Therefore Eri is also known as Non-Violent Silk (NVS), owing to this reason. Earlier, this exquisite silk was produced mostly in Lower Assam but now North Cachar, Karbi Anglong Hills Districts, Kokrajhar, Goalpara, Barpeta, Nalbari, Kamrup, Darrang and Sonitpur districts have also become major hubs of Eri silk cocoon rearing.

Eri Silk is unique and superior, for attributes like super smooth texture, isothermal properties (cool in summers and warm in winters), very comfortable and the advantage of being hand spun. Normally associated as a winter wear, Eri Silk is also considered as the Silk of the poor. The significance of Eri lies in the fact that it is a pride of Assam in the sericulture tradition, for Eri is indigenous to the state and supreme in quality.