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Buy Online Black Cooking Pot-Black Pottery

Cooking Pot: Beautiful handmade Earthenware Clay black pottery cooking pot with a stylish lid exquisitely handcrafted in Manipur! Featuring modern design and a classic earthy finish, this Earthenware Clay cooking pot  works wonders on any kitchen countertop. The raw materials used in making of the longpi black pottery are completely natural since no chemicals or artificial products are used. Ideal for storing your food items, this Earthenware Clay cooking pot is free of harmful chemicals and toxic materials. It is perfect for serving in parties and equally good for everyday use. Made in Manipur

This product is handmade and molded manually.
• 100% Eco-Friendly.
• Made from completely natural raw materials.
• Bio-degradable.
• Heat retention property.
• Chemical Free.
• Non-Toxic.
• Microwavable (Except for products woven with cane)
• Hand-crafted by traditional artisans of Manipur
• Microwave & Induction compatible cookware
• Better health with increased Iron content in food


Since Longpi pottery is made from grounded and powdered rocks especially serpentine and weathered rocks, they are made of all natural raw materials. The cane finish on some of the items is also natural and 100% ecofriendly
No machines were used in making of the potteries since the mixture is pounded, kneaded and molded tediously by hand tools. All the Longpi products are handmade where the artisans mound the products with hands, no machines or electrical supplies are used
The raw materials used in making of the potteries are completely natural since no chemicals or artificial products are used
Longpi pottery items are naturally biodegradable due to the raw materials used in making these fine pottery items
By purchasing a Longpi Black Pottery product, you not only contribute to the environment but also towards a sustainable means of living for the impoverished countless families in the villages who make these wonderful works of art

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